Narshe WIP

Doing another environment collab with my brother Andrew. This is a 3d depiction of Final Fantasy 6's wintery town, "Narshe." I tend to print screen a lot and archive it, so I'll be posting my screenshots here every once and again. Latest iteration at the bottom.


How I planned and measured the building front variation progress

Rough paintover for proportions (turns out you can get a lot of info from just a couple of pixels)

Blocking out base meshes and proportions before I hand it over to Andrew to model and unwrap

First pass at texturing floortile

Realized it sucked, redid it

Floortile with spec/normals in Maya

Wood sculpt for buildings

Building variations for now

First test scene in UDK

WIP rock sculpt

Low poly rock in engine with more fleshed out scene

Scene 6/19/11

Level of detail is getting there...

Visualization of edge detection post process effect

What it looks like applied

Playing with UDK's Uberpostprocess effect, adjusting color balance and saturation

Boiler WIP


Added vertex painting (adjusted by heightmap) in order to add snow

Playing with a shot taken with FOV set to minimum

Overall shot taken with FOV set to maximum

Adding the signs by using decals on a blank sign

Looks pretty spiffy

Using a particle system with falling animated planes

Gets a little intense though, and the outline postprocess gets too noticeable